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Actors: Karthi



Production - Dream Warrior Pictures
Movement - Bhagyaraj Kannan
Music - Vivek Mervin
Cast - Karthi, Rashmika Mandanna, Yogi Babu
Duration - 2 hours 37 minutes

The feeling of watching a Telugu film dubbed in Tamil comes within ten minutes of the start of the film. From the beginning of the film to the climax, the background of the film is Telugu. Those who give the impression of a Tamil film somewhere are just a few who have acted in small roles.

Dada Napoleon who made Chennai scream. His son Karthi is a robotics engineer in Mumbai. He would come to town only once in a while without liking Dad’s career. Villagers on the Salem side ask Napoleon to save their village from a rowdy. He promises to save them for sure. Napoleon is killed in a planned encounter with the police. Karthi goes to the Salem village where her father voted to save the remaining 100 rowdies she had. There the love with Rashmika goes as a confrontation with the villain to save the village. The rest of the story is about whether or not Karthi saves the village from the corporate villain who plans to rob the village.

Karthi does as usual what a Tamil cinema hero usually does. He loves, fights, fights for justice and also does agriculture. Change that mindset if any fan thinks that after seeing Karthi in films like Prisoner anymore, you can see him more in different roles. Karthi has also acted as I often do in spice films like this. Why Karthi why ?.

Cinematographer Sathyan Suryan does not know what kind of anger he has towards heroine Rashmika Mandanna. In Telugu, why even in Kannada they would have portrayed her as a beauty angel. But it is not clear why they are portrayed as Sikh chickens in this film. His make-up is not good and his costumes are not good. The cinematographer and director will surely incur the wrath of the Rashmika fans who were waiting to celebrate her arrival in Tamil cinema. Well, when he sees that he is acting well and forgetting that flaw, he speaks the verse while biting his tooth throughout the film. Y Rashmi cellam y ?. We are waiting for the next Tamil film.

KGF movie villain Ram as the villain who intimidates the villagers and Nawab Shah as the corporate villain are going to come in some scenes. Napoleon as Karthi's father and Abrami as mother come and die shortly after. Lal as Karthi's foster parent. Inappropriate background voice dripping to him. Other characters have some line verses for Ponvannan, Rama, Singampuli, Myilsamy, Marimuthu.

Otherwise there are over 100 rowdies in the picture. Yogibabu as one of those 100 rowdies. Nowhere is it surprising that he is not going to laugh. Slaves would not have been available to shoot other films while the film was being shot. Overall how would they get if they were all in this movie ?

The background music of Yuvanshankar Raja is the main reason why the film can be enjoyed a little. He lights up any tempo wherever he wants and gives the perfect buildup to Karthi's character. How was Naanka in Vivek Mervin's music .. The song only makes you enjoy.

Those who ask if there is anything to enjoy in the film can appreciate the understanding of the livelihood of agriculture. In the climax a rowdy, winged farmer speaks the verse that the rowdy is the base and the farmer is the wrong. For that alone the director can be rewarded with a handful of paddy in return for a bundle of paddy.

Sultan, directed by Bhagyaraj Kannan and starring Karthi and Rashmika Mandana, has been released in theaters today. It is worth mentioning that Sultan is the first film to be released starring Karthi after the corona virus problem.

People who have seen the movie Sultan in theaters are talking about it on social media. The Sultan is the story of agriculture. But the way the story is told is different. This is a one man show. Karthi carries the image on her shoulders. The first half is awesome, the second half is good. Rashmika coming scenes cute. But it doesn’t matter to him.

Sulthan Tamil Movie Tamilrockers

The birth of Sultan (Karthi) is shown in the first scene. Sultan's father Sethupathi (Napoleon), a trembling rowdy at village. Servants devoted to work him.

Some farmers ask the Sultan mob to protect themselves and the land from the bad Rowdy (KGF film fame Ram). The sultan, who has been trying to rehabilitate his father's servants, accepts the demands of these farmers. The story is about how he achieves what he set out to do.

Although it's a story already seen, the way it is presented is new. The love scenes between Sultan and Rukmini (Rashmika Mandana) are admirable. Rashmika's coming scenes captivate the fans. The Sultan and his brothers staying in that village is a major reason for the love to protect it.

They have shown that only the hero can save the town. The villain is not only hunting for the Sultan but also for the story. There are three villains in response to one powerful villain. Jayaseelan (Ram) was not taken seriously after the break action scene. Seeing the main villain coming in the second half was immediately disappointing. The North Indian actor has been cast as a corporate villain who is tired of watching.

Arjay, one of the Sultan's brothers, is an interesting villain in his own right. Bhagyaraj Kannan has given a pakka masala film that mixes rhetoric, agriculture and love.

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