Naanum Single Thaan

Tamil Movies

Actors : Attakathi Dinesh, Deepti Sati, Rajendran

Naanum Single Thaan

Naanum Single Thaan

Production - Three Is A Company Production
Direction - Kobe
Music by Hitesh Manjunath
Acting - Dinesh, Deepti
Release Date - 12 February 2021
Time - 1 hour 57 minutes
Rating - 1.5 / 5

Naanum Single Thaan Tamil Full Movie Tamilrockers

This is another film that has come out due to the false precedent set by some directors that making a film with double meaning verses in Tamil cinema can attract the youth and make the film a success.

 Many young directors are trying to give quality films that should make a mark in their first films.  But, some directors give the wrong pictures and change the track.  The film's debut director Gopi joins the second category.

 People born in the 1990s often post something interesting on social networking sites like 90s Kids.  Director Gopi has made that the core of his first film.

 Dinesh, who runs a tattoo shop, wants to get married.  Looking for a beautiful woman like Nayantara and wanting to get married.  Love comes to him when he sees Deepti.  Begins to befriend him.  At one point the two separate.  Deepti leaves for London.  Dinesh goes to London with his friends in search of him.  Motta Rajendran, who is the Love Guru there, seeks help.  Dinesh starts giving love trouble to Deepti again.  After that, the rest of the film is about whether the two got together or not.

 Even after starring in so many films, Dinesh still stumbles.  He has not yet learned to pronounce the verses clearly.  In this often English speaks differently in this film.  It is better for him to choose the characters that are suitable for him.

 Deepti as the debut heroine.  Has tried to act to some extent.  The last decision he makes to escape from Dinesh, who often bothers him, is shocking.  The director has a ridiculous scene that the fans will enjoy if it is given differently like this.

 The trio come as Dinesh’s friends.  They disturb our peace of mind by talking.  There was not even a laugh in one scene.  The censor may have cut a whole lot of the double meaning verses they speak in the film.  Some scenes are out of bounds.  It was a mistake to allow those scenes.

 They have taken several shots in London.  But, it did not help the film in any way.  The music, the cinematography are all pretty much the same.

 Something, starting, somewhere around, finally ending somehow the film.  Screenplay that wanders aimlessly.  Many of the scenes are dramatic.

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