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Actors: Dixit Shetty, Prithvi Ambar, Khushi



Image: Dia
Director: Ashok 
Producer: Krishna Chaitanya 
Music: Ajanesh Lokanath
Photographer: Vishal, Saurabh
Star: Dixit Shetty, Prithvi Ambar, Khushi, Pavithra Lokesh and others…

The film is about the phase life is full of surprises. Surprises of both happiness and sadness. Dia, which has a triangle love story, was released statewide this week. Emotional drama has come before the audience. Dia has been put in front of the appealing audience with a handful of characters.

This is a journey of different triangular love story. The plot of the film opens with the memory of a tragic life. Usually if a boy falls in love he finds a way to express his love too soon. But when a girl falls in love, her mind is soaked and paralyzed, the heartache of such a heart-wrenching heroine, Diya, is a beautiful girl has fallen for Rohit. But whenever she goes to Propose she can't, it takes her three years to declare her love affair.

It is ironic that the hero is also on the same path. The couple, who live in Mumbai, finally opens up both their hearts and united up. Soonly Rohit met with an accident and things went out of control. Diya decides to surrender to death because she doesn't want her life anymore without Rohit.

At that time, Diya's father sends her from Mumbai to a friend's house in Bangalore to change her daughter's mood. Then another person, Adi, arrives at Dia's life. The introduction turns into a friendship.

In spite of the many troubles that have arisen in the mind, the big twist in the story is when Diya saw Rohit back. My gripping thriller passes in front of the eyes as everything else is all right. If you want to see all of this, go to the movie theater and meet "Diya".

The main attraction of this film is the work of the photographers of the film. Similarly, the attitude of the conversation. Ashok, the director of the film, has managed to bring back the love of a triangle very subtly as it is brought to a close.

The girl's mood is very sensitive when it comes to love. The dialogue was written by director Ashok and the film's run looks different.

Newcomers Dixit Shetty, Prithvi Amber and Khushi have done a terrific performance in the film. Actor Dixit Shetty has exploited the opportunity. Another actor Prithvi also gets attention.

The mother, who she impressed the audiences with her mom - son's scenarios. Pavithra Lokesh, who plays the mother of the second hero. Actress Khushi, who plays the central point of the film, is catching everyone's attention.

It is remarkable that the pain, pleasure, pleasure, and sadness experienced by a girl have been lived upon by the actress. A bright future actress will always be on her way.

This is the kind of film that tells hearts to love. The running of the film is a bit slow but seems to be necessary for the scenes. Everybody should see the movie and life of Diya appealing every hearts.

Director Ashok, who directed the horror film a few years back with a special title of '6-5 = 2', is trying to show a love story 'Dia' this time. It is wrong to suppose that there is only one love story on which there is a mere love-journey. Here is a story that goes beyond that.

Love-love is normal in adolescence. By age, it becomes joy. As it turns out, her love is getting to her. A twist when everything is a happy ending! As much as it shocked her, so did the onlooker. Then another journey begins in the story. There, too, Dia and the audience witness some exciting turns. Finally the spectator comes out of the theater like a child who is startled in dreams!

Director Ashok has made the film soothing to the viewers by making such a thrilling turn in the chilling narrative. His attempt to impart such surprises and miracles into the story, with the idea that 'life is full of surprises and miracles', has come to fruition. Dia, Rohit and Adi are the three characters in the film and the story becomes a jazzy journey. So, there are no unnecessary characters here. There is no leaning on the direction of the story. Along with the love story, the mother's son's sentiment is also present in 'Dia', which has also been effective. There was a need for directors to be very careful about the duration of the film. Initially some scenes are longer.

A repetitive game-play; Again arises

There are fewer characters in the cinema than there are monotony. The directors have put great emphasis on dialogue for that. It is a love story, and there are no songs. However, background music plays a special role. Ajaneesh Lokanath has managed it effectively. They have forgotten the lack of songs. Vishal and Saurabh's photography skills have enhanced the cinematography.

As a newcomer, the three main characters of the entire film have been dealt with great charm. Khushi as Dia, has done amazing acting. She has just performed as a girl who falls in love. Prithvi Amber and Dixit Shetty also have roles. Prithvi scored a little more than anyone when he was at the screens. Pavithra Lokesh has brought to life the role of mom.

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