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PRIVACY AND POLICY is not a piracy website. We truely admitting that our website doesnt have any intention to copy, produce or present any form of music or video files. In this website you people can obtain a brief detailed dats about the website TamilRockers and we provide news, updates, information about tamil, malayalam, telugu, world level actor, actors, movies and their livestyles. We also do promise that we don't involve or take part in any of the piracy activities and don't motivate any thing  in our website to piracy activities. 


Welcome to, we do care about your personal information. We heartly appreciate and accept the trust in us and you visiting our page hereby accepting the conditions in this Privacy Policy. 




The informations and datas that we got from the users are duly used them to provide what the users experience from our services and how we can improve ourself for a better version of us towards you. We doesnt personally use any of the information we gained here.

Information Given by users : 

If you enter or search something on our website that can be stored and can be used for our better user results. You can choose not giving such infos, still you can get better from us missing some of our benefits. We use this information for communication with you in further details. So for customizing your furrther needs and better browsing experience and better search results we take this information from the users.


Automatic Information: 

We are able to save and receiev some type of datas from you whenever you make use of our services. Cookies are something we use to obtain certain informations. Certain Informations includes Ip adress, Browser type such informations can be automatically stored when you access our website or ads while sufing through website.


E-mail Communications: 

Emails are used by us to convey the information to the users. To notify you about our services and new contents. These all services can be availed only when you subscribe to the email services earlier. We may also compare our user list to lists received from other companies, in an effort to avoid sending unnecessary messages to our users. If you are doing not want to receive e-mail or other mail from us, please contact us.


Mobile: Application can be available for our website in future, in that sense you can download and use our services through an android application for free. Location of the user like from which country, Device type and phone model were the other possible datas we get from the users and we use them only for a better improvement of our services to the users. We use the things like location to provide you the location based services like advertisements, movie updates, theatre show timings, etc...You can turn off the location on your device if you need to avoid those things.



Alphanumeric identifiers are called the cookies that we transfer to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser to which may help our systems to identify your browser and which may provide features such as browsing preferences or personalized content.


Allow cookies option on your settings allows  the permission from youself to access cookies from any site, which may increase your user convenience with certain websites.


In the settings option you can even turn off the cookies, which may disable the cookies from the websites. Still allowing cookies may increase the users to get some recommended essential features from us. This might be an added advantage.



We hereby truely admit that we do no share or use personally any information that we gained from you


Promotional Offers: 

In times we may send offers to preferrable customers from other companies on behalf of us. When this happens, we never give them your email id or other personal details, in case your never like these offers or promotional contents on your website, you can kindly inform us through our website.

Protection of and Others: 

Release of account and personal information we release when we duly believe that everything compiles with the law. Apply our Terms and Conditions of Use and other agreements; or protect the rights, property, or safety of us, our users, or others. This may include transfer of information to other companies and risk reduction. Anyhow we cannot sell, rent, share or disclose your personal informations with anyone. 


With Your Consent:

Things we said above, other than that we will always notify you when any information went to third parties and you were responsible for your information and you have cent percent possibility to stop this too by letting us know about it.




Other sites and third party sites also advertising sites may linked to our website but we donot disclose or share any type of user information with them.


Third party websites, advertisers, advertising companies may make their advertisements on our websites that may appear on your browser. They may use some technology and javascrips to measure the effectiveness of their ads and they may receive your IP address there by personify the advertisements for every single user. These things used by the third party websites and the advertising companies were not covered under our privacy policy. You can contact them directly to get more information about them.



If you were using a shared computer there may be easy chances for someone otherthan you to access your login credentials. So it must be important to protect yourself from such culprits. So everytime you making a move from the computer make sure you have logged off the sign in info. is not intended for use by children under the age of 13. If you are under 13, you may not submit information about yourself to us.


Any future changes to these informations related to the privacy policy can be informed to the users.